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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Unique Human Part 1

Human power, human magnet, human resistance to the grave just some of the capabilities of the strange man. So how can they? Simple questions that is very difficult to explain.

This is not fiction, but it really happened as reported by The Indian Journal of Medical and Physical Science is published in August 1836. A volunteer aged 30 years and claim to have a surplus, buried alive for one month in the wall rectangular 4x1, 8 m in Jaisulmer, India.

Two blocks of wood are placed at the surface. The door closed with bricks. After one month, researchers immediately solve the walls and the people that are still quite sleepy. Rahangnya very rigid and must be opened with a tool of iron before the researchers encouraged the water in his dry throat. He was awakened. Although the thin, he looks healthy.

Bizarre and unique human being is, to some extent without limit. While many mysteries in the body one by one revealed, the other more secret that is still not revealed. As the above example someone who has the ability to sleep or hibernation is not active during a certain period.

Nadi pulsation disappears

Hibernation phenomenon presumably carried out by many different types of animals. One squirrel domestic. But the surprise in the year 1845 when the dead snail origin and stored in the Egyptian Museum, the UK, living again in March 1850. Animals greedily gobble this again leaves that become his avocation.

Humans actually can not do hibernation. There are doctors who say, in a coma patient's condition may be in hibernation. But does not like animals that can survive without food, people will die commas relatively fast without food from Feed intravena. The fact that not mean that people can not hibernation. Soalnya, sorcerer India origin have the ability bury themselves for centuries.

Year 1922 in the other cases Scientist magazine reported the matter Colonel Townsend Dublin origin that can live again after the "dead". A fisikawan, recording a time he will die.
"I feel the throbbing nadinya off slowly, until I can no longer feel," he said. Observation is also strengthened two colleagues, Dr. And Baynard Dr. Skrine, who no longer feel the movement in the chest. Even Dr. Skrine feel there is little land out of the mouth Townsend. This team even concluded, the experiment has been performed too far, and they feel satisfied because Townsend had actually died.

But the chance Townsend revive at 09.00 next day, and all people see. Cases where a person can control the its controlling body can be bent as in the self Townsend or because the learning and training, such as magician from India. On 26 June 1930, Joe Reno's studio wrestling AL provide for themselves in the hypnotic tattoo by Yogi, an expert in mystical Dallas, Texas. He slept in bed in a box for 17 days without food and water. After that he can wake up fresh in the circumstances. Just 15 minutes after the "resurrected" by Yogi rajah wrestling play it again.

During hibernation for many years was made the object of study. Finally, the hibernation evidently occurs in the control and awareness of the allegations in the run function that is not intentionally - as bellows breath, blood circulation, digestion, and metabolism. Laboratory tests on yoga and zen prove, functions that can be influenced, if desired. With such control, it is possible to create a neutral living creature, buried in the circumstances created a fun and not dangerous.

Main difference between humans and animals are in hibernation animals can live in a matter of weeks while people are still in a matter of days.

Mouth weld

Example of "strength" of the other human phenomena is analgesic. A violence that is usually done in the self, for example, "memelintir", pick cheek. With self-colored drawing, etc..

The temple in Kataragama, Sri Lanka, the festival is held each year where members of religious sects that injure each other. Peg board on the tongue, standing above clog ber nail, punch a face with a knife, and depend for hours with a fishing rod on the buttocks or associated kai. They can feel the action was not dangerous and painful.
Meanwhile, in the Western world over the bed pillows that berpeniti very popular, as was Leona Young, New York, which baffle many people because the body heat resistant and resistant weld.

Why the people do not feel sick? One of the mystery that is very rarely called congenital, medical condition in which someone does not feel sick. Congenital also found in this century and are still puzzling among doctors. One obvious example was 1887. That time a patient hand be amputated without anesthesia. During the operation he showed no signs of illness, he even did not feel his hands cut.

Phenomenon anti ill this may be up two or three categories. The first is that people respond to pain in normal conditions, but not in normal conditions it is free from pain. One example is Napoleon Bonaparte. When the unexpected need to be operated in one battle, he does not feel the pain after his penchant cigar smoke. Courage in such difficult conditions that sometimes appear in the unexpected.

Prove survey, 70% of the exposed metal bullet or fraction in the battlefield do not feel sick at the time. This is because the body produces endorphin - the body that produced that can be pressing pain. This material is also often "dijuluki" natural as the pipe produced by the brain. In extraordinary circumstances that triggered the brain to produce hormones that act to blocked the pain.

Have argued that, certain people can control expenditure endorphin. This mechanism is the same as the body control hibernation.

At the beginning of the 1970 Elmer and Alyce Green of origin in the U.S. to do tests Jack Schwarz, a man who dare claim to be cutting themselves out without any blood setetes. At the time of the experiment, the Jack is associated with the tool can measure the brain activity patterns, or EEG. Before the experiment the brain Jack in beta (the condition of mental activity and concentration). When he thrust the metal along the edge 6 inches to the biceps muscle in his brain wave pattern is changed to alpha (awake, but in the circumstances rileks). Apparently he can change his mind the pattern of pain to a more relaxed conditions.

Green still not properly understand, why so fast blood clot in a dilukai. Jack probably can control everything. When he said, "Now they have stopped tertutuplah wound.

Source : Yody

TB disease

TB disease

TB disease can attack anyone (old, young, men, women, poor, or rich) and wherever. Each year, Indonesia is the fourth million new TB cases and approximately 140,000 deaths occur each year are caused by TB. In fact, Indonesia is the third largest country with a TB problem in the world.
TB prevalence surveys conducted in six provinces in the years 1983-1993 shows that the prevalence of TB in India ranges between 0.2 - 0.65%. Meanwhile, according to a report of the Global TB issued by the WHO in 2004, the TB incidence in 2002 reached 555,000 cases (256 case/100.000 population), and 46% among new cases is estimated.
The cause of TB disease

TB disease is an infection disease caused by bacteria Mikobakterium tuberkulosa. This rod-shaped bacteria and acid-resistant so it is also known as Trunk Hold acid (BTA). The bacteria was first discovered by Robert Koch on 24 March 1882, for the services so that the bacteria is given the name of Koch bacillus. In fact, TB disease in the lungs sometimes referred to as the Koch Pulmonum (KP).

Ways of TB disease

TB disease usually spread through the air contamination with bacteria Mikobakterium tuberkulosa released at the time of the TB sufferer coughs, and children on the source of infection is generally derived from adult TB patients. This is often when bacteria enter and collect in the lungs will breed a lot (especially on the body's resistance with a low), and can spread through the blood vessel or lymph gland. That's why it's an infection of TB infection can almost all organs such as lung, brain, kidney, alimentary tract, bone, lymph gland, and others, but the organs most often affected is the lungs.

When Mikobakterium tuberkulosa successful infection of the lungs, it will immediately grow the bacteria colony forming globular (rounded). Usually through a series of reactions imunologis TB bacteria will try this in the resistor through the wall around the bacteria cells by tuberculosis. Mechanism for the formation of the walls that create a network in a network surrounding scar and TB bacteria becomes dormant (resting). Dormant forms of this is seen as the actual examination tuberkel on the image rays.

On some people with good immune system, this form will remain dormant throughout his life. Whereas in those with immune systems that are less, the bacteria will experience Maintenance tuberkel increased so much. Tuberkel of this form a lot of space in the lungs. This space will become a source of production of sputum (phlegm). Someone who has been producing sputum can be estimated are experiencing growth in excess tuberkel positive and infected with TB.

The increasing spread of infection has been reported at this time, many linked to several conditions, including social conditions worsen its economy, has not been optimal public health service facilities, increasing the number of people who do not have a place to stay and the epidemic of HIV infection. Besides, the resistance of the body is weak / decrease, virulensi and the number of bacteria is a factor that play an important role in the occurrence of TB infection.

Symptoms of TB disease

Symptoms of TB disease can be divided into general symptoms and specific symptoms that arise according to the organ involved. Clinical picture is not very typical, especially in the case of new, so quite difficult to enforce the diagnostic clinic.
Symptoms of systemic / general
• Fever is not so high that lasts a long time, usually felt at night with night
sweat. Sometimes the attacks, such as fever and influenza are missing arise.
• A decrease in appetite and body weight.
• Coughing, coughing for more than 3 hours (can be accompanied by blood).
• The do not feel (malaise), weakness.

Specific symptom

• Depending on the organ which is exposed to, in the case of a partial gag bronkus
(channel leading to the lungs) due to the emphasis lymph gland that up, will vote
"mengi", the voice that comes out of breath shortness.
• If there are liquids dirongga pleura (wrapping the lungs), can be accompanied with
chest pain complaints.
• When the bones, the symptoms will occur such as infection of the bone at a time can
form a channel and empty on the skin above it, at the mouth of the exit liquid pus.
• In children the brain (layer wrapping the brain) and referred to as meningitis
(brain peritonitis), the symptoms are high fever, a decrease in awareness,
convulsions and cramps.

In the patient who does not cause the child symptoms, TB can be detected if there is contact with adult TB patients. Approximately 30-50% of children in contact with adult tuberculosis patients TB test results tuberkulin positive. At the age of the child 3 months - 5 years of living the same house with people with TB tuberculosis with BTA positive adults, 30% reported being infected based on serologi / blood.

HOW TRADITIONAL Overcoming tuberculosis (TUBER CULOSE)

TB disease is a disease infection in the lungs, the disease caused by germs tubercelli dangerous, because if do not get help can threaten lives. Germs that are on the inflammation can spread tuberculosis to other people through the breath / air. TB disease / inflammation tuberculosis should get help from doctors and lungs to be mondok sanatorium, when the situation is quite severe. Things that need to be patient: that people often have to bask in the hot morning sun to get ultraviolet rays that can kill germs tubercolose, and place must be quite high and the fresh tube. Every day to train and suck the breath out slowly and regularly organized.
The traditional ingredients required: pegagan 10 grams of leaves, leaf waru lengis 10 grams, 25 grams widoro policeman, leaves legundi 10 grams, 5 grams grated kencur. All material filtered boiled water, then drink.

Other ingredients: 15 grams pegagan leaves, leaves waru lengis 10 grams, pupus leaves legundi 15 grams, 10 grams upas widoro, kencur 5 grams, beans pronojiwo in tumbuk 5 grams. All material on tumbuk then boiled and filtered water to drink.

Stone Kidney

Stone kidney
Kidney stones are small stones that form in the kidneys and move down in the pipe e urine (ureter).
These stones which cause pain at the puncture back down, channel urine or stomach underneath.
In the bladder, stones can clog channels urine (urethra) and the small void that is difficult and painful exit.

Composition of kidney stones:
1. calcium
2. oxalate
3. phosphate

1. Drink less so that the body's metabolic system is not running optimally. Fluid
needed to take a variety of poisons in the body is not sufficient. This resulted
in the urin experience so that condensation forms, such as grain stone.
2. The body produces acid strand in the blood is too excessive
3. Infections that occur in the kidneys form kidney stones ease.
4. Genetic factors. If found one family member suffering from kidney stones, is
almost possible to seed the same potential.

Foods that should be avoided for people with kidney stones:
1. Rhubarb
2. Spinach
3. Soybean Crackers
4. Beans
5. Brown
6. Sweet potatoes

Fruits that contain oxalate in the medium size, but that can be consumed with the appropriate measure:
1. Wine
2. Celery
3. Gtits
4. Green pepper
5. Raspbery red
6. Fruit cake
7. Strawberry
8. Marmalade
9. Liver

Facts about kidney stones:
1. Scientists find a kidney stone on the mummy of Egypt's oldest aged 7000 years.
2. According to the medical record, as many as three million patients have complaints
on the kidneys, and half a million into its emergency room because it detected a
kidney stone.
3. Most kidney stones will come out by itself without the intervention of the
medical. This is the normal scale. But if the disease is severe, required more
handling by doing surgery.
4. From the survey, the Caucasus has more potential kidney stone disease compared to
the Afro-American.
5. Usually men will experience kidney stones at the age of 40 years and increases
dramatically when the reach the age of 70 years. Meanwhile, women around the age
of 50 years.

1. The first complaint that is felt very sharp pain, or severe on the lower back,
waist or the bottom of the stomach, or specifically the male sex organ in the base.
2. Sometimes the urine channel stopped so difficult to dispose of urine, or can not
do at all. Blood will out when people began to move small
3. Urinary system infections may occur simultaneously.

1. Drink lots of water.
2. If the patient does not improve the drinking water or if he has fever, he must
take pills sulfonamid, ampicillin, or tetracycline. Note carefully about its
dosage and warnings.
3. Also give aspirin or paregoric and other antispasmodik
4. Try urinating in a lie. This sometimes makes a stone in the urine matrix scrolling
back and release the cork on a hole for the mouth of the channel urine
5. In the case of heavy, ask for the help of a doctor. Sometimes surgery is needed


Small stones that do not cause symptoms, or stoppage of infection, usually does not need treated. Drinking lots of fluids will increase the formation of urine and water to help remove some of the stone; if the stone was removed, so do not need treatment immediately. Kolik renalis be reduced by the sedative drug. Stone in the pelvis the ureter or renalis the top of the measuring 1 centimeter or less can often be solved by ultrasonic waves (extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, ESWL). Fraction of stone will be removed in the urine of water. Sometimes a stone was through a small slice in the skin (percutaneous nephrolithotomy, nefrolitotomi perkutaneus), followed by ultrasonic treatment. Small stones in the lower part of the ureter can be lifted with the endoscope is inserted through uretra and into the bladder. Stone sour nerves sometimes will gradually dissolve in the water environment of urine basa (for example by giving potassium citric), but other stones can not be solved this way. Stone sour greater muscle, which caused the stoppage, should be appointed through the surgery. There is a stone struvit indicate the occurrence of channel urine infection, so antibiotics are given.


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